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Before you start trading on the currency market, you should create a trading account, which is quite similar to a traditional bank account. You open it with a broker who will further use it to trade on the market. In fact, a trading account allows you to enter the market, make deals, and earn a real profit.

When opening your real account, you should first register with a broker. Then your personal data is checked to avoid any future complications regarding the identity of the account holder. There are many ways to replenish a trading account and every broker has his own set of proposals to offer. Most frequently a trading account is replenished by transferring money from your credit card. The same bank account may be used to transfer funds from a trading deposit to a credit card.

Some traders hold several trading accounts. This approach is used when a market participant wants to realize various trading strategies and thus separates his financial tools in order not to mix them.

Opening a trading account is a service available to both novices and experienced traders. The choice of an account type depends on the volume of the investment capital, trading style, and market experience of a trader.

GoCapital123 provides you with three types of accounts, each of them offers a variety of tools to trade on the currency market.

  1. The BASIC option is perfect for beginners with small capital, who are just mastering the intricacies of market trade and avoid serious financial risks.
  2. The GOLD account is a good choice for an experienced trader able to develop his own market strategies.
  3. The PLATINUM account is for professional traders ready for big deals and major risks.

By opening an account with GoCapital123, you gain an access to the MetaTrader 4 that became the most popular trading platform thanks to its exceptionally functional and analytical instruments. Our clients can also use the "leverage" service, and thus increase the amount of their deposits up to 300 times to carry out larger transactions.

Each account you’ve opened in GoCapital123 is serviced by a personal manager. Our specialist will promptly and competently answer any of your questions and help solve possible technical difficulties that may arise in the course of trading.

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