Stock market indices are different from traditional assets. They are stock market indicators that describe the situation in a certain segment of this or that company group. But you can profit from indices trading as well. The most well-known stock indices are Dow Jones Industrial, Standard & Poor’s 500, Nasdaq Composite, NIKKEI, DAX 30. 

Index trading is carried out by means of such trading tools as index futures.

One can earn on both rising and falling of stock indices. A trader’s task is to make precise forecasts the index fluctuations in future. If the prognosis is right, the trader gains profit. 

GoCapital123 enables you to trade either index futures. Our clients get access to a multifunctional trading platform with a huge number of tools to assist our clients in predicting asset movements. 

If you have never tried index trading, make your first steps using a demo account. It’s a training account that doesn’t envisage using real money but enables you to feel yourself a participant of a real trading process. 

In all the stages of cooperation, you may address the GoCapital123 professional support service operating 24/5. You may also get assistance from our team of analysts who are ready to provide consultations on trading this or that asset. 

Start earning on index trading right now with GoCapital123. 

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