Futures is a contract that obliges both parties to sell or buy an asset at a predetermined price, at a specified date in future. Every futures contract has the following features:

  1. Asset (for instance: foreign currency, shares, oil, gold).
  2. Asset amount.
  3. The expiration date of a contract.
  4. Price of the performance – a fixed sum, paid by an asset buyer and received by a seller.

The classical scenario envisages that the buyer will purchase a certain asset and the seller will trade it at an option exercise price at a specified date. Then the asset becomes the property of the buyer. However, in recent times the real goods are not delivered within the framework of such a deal. Futures trading is most frequently realized for mere speculation.

The deal participants either make a deal according to the contract within a predetermined timeframe, or resell their obligations at a good price a few days before the contract date expires and thus gain their profit. Such kind of trade doesn’t envisage the transfer of property rights and a physical delivery of the goods. By means of contracts, traders can earn only on the gap in assets value.

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