Energy resources

Energy market deals with two major assets – gas and oil. These trade tools are highly volatile that makes them extremely popular with traders. Average oil daily price fluctuations exceed stock price changes by two – four times. It provides good opportunities for trading. Hydrocarbon prices are very sensitive to global political changes and natural catastrophes. Especially, if natural disasters hit oil-producing regions, such as the Middle East or Latin America, or such states as Russia and Canada.

Another peculiarity of these assets is that they are non-renewable. It means that their price will only increase in future.

GoCapital123 offers its clients to trade energy assets by means of futures contracts. It’s one of the most popular trading mechanisms as of today. It provides a chance to gain profits from both rising and falling of assets prices. We also provide our clients with such a feature as flexiTrading, that makes energy trading accessible even for traders with a relatively small capital.

If you lack trading experience, you can benefit from the assistance of our experts, or start trading on a demo account. Start earning on the energy market with GoCapital123 just now. We will provide you will all the necessary conditions.

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