Demo Account

Many successful Forex traders started their career trading on a demo account. It provides the same opportunities and powers as a real deposit. The main difference is that while trading on a training account you use virtual funds.

An owner of a demo account cannot sell or buy real currency, but he won’t lose real assets either. The major purpose of demo accounts is to provide their clients with plenty of trading experience without unnecessary risks. Using a practice account you can:

  • Develop skills for trading in the financial market,
  • Get acquainted with MetaTrader4 – a widely used electronic trading platform,
  • Learn the methods of a technical and fundamental analysis needed by market traders,
  • Test on practice the subtleties of trading strategies and learn to develop strategies of your own.

It should be noted, that you trade on a demo account in a real time mode. You observe the real trading process; you can see how asset prices change. You can make deals using virtual funds on your account. Besides, you can open several practice accounts to implement several trading strategies.

It’s quite easy to open a demo account; you won’t need any special knowledge. Register your practice account by clicking on a button below.

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